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Equity Facility Management has four Core Services;

· Facilities and Asset Management - Our facilities team have the technical skills and knowledge to ensure that your assets are maintained and managed for optimal efficiency and tenant comfort.

· Property Management - Our experienced professionals manage the operation, control, and oversight of real estate management tasks, processes and relationships to ensure financial success.

· Property Valuation – Our Valuations division offers accurate and reliable real estate valuations which we understand are critical to the success of every property investment.

· Public Private Partnership – Our team participates in consortiums for design, construct and build. We provide Facilities and Asset Management Services.

Specialized Services

· Facility and Asset Management

· Property Valuations

· Property Management

· Public Private Partnerships


Buildings including other types of infrastructure are long-lived assets, and often have quite high-operational costs related to heating, ventilation and lighting, repair maintenance etc. Research has shown that the cost of maintenance over a building’s lifetime can equal three times the original cost of construction, whereas the cost of operation equate to 35 times the build costs.

Equity Facility Management not only assesses the whole life costs termed “Life Cycle Costs” LCC, but more importantly goes further in ensuring that Clients are always advised about the “Life Cycle Analysis” LCA which is more concerned with the full range of environmental impacts of a building, covering embodied impacts, construction and operational effects, together with those associated with asset disposal. In addition, this approach will ensure that the scope of LCA encompasses impacts on landfill, water and biodiversity.

Given the above approach and considering today’s economic environment, Facility Management stakeholders are increasingly expected to do more with less. With a limited maintenance budget you are expected to optimize resources, minimize costs, prevent breakdowns and extend the life of aging assets.

Recognizing this as an opportunity to support our customers, Equity Facility Management has aligned its services with the International Asset Management Standard ISO 55000. Equity Facility Management is committed to achieving ISO 55000 certification and continues to work towards it.

In addition to our full range of Facilities and Asset Management Services, Equity Facility Management will work with you to understand your assets, improve your maintenance processes and drive down long-term costs by providing a tailored Facility Management solution and a clear roadmap for all your Facility and Asset needs.

By increasing certainty in your Facility Management costs, we help our clients plan for the future. Once we gain an understanding of our client’s Facilities and the requirements they generate in terms of maintenance, repair and upgrading, we then work with you to guarantee your annual Facility Management costs. We take on the risk of price rises and asset failures.

Asset Management

· Due diligence - review of existing operations including historic spend to identify opportunities for improvement

· Strategic asset management

· Asset Management Plans

· Maintenance planning – annual, five and ten-year planned preventative maintenance plans

· Lifecycle modelling

· Asset register development and ongoing asset condition auditing

· Risk management

· Computerized maintenance management system

Facility Management

Facilities management represents a wide range of services for the built environment, these services can lower overall costs, decrease risk, and improve overall efficiency. We at Equity knows how to help your business achieve more by ensuring integration between professionals, processes, and technology.

Hard Services

Through strategic consultancy relationship with our clients Equity Facility Management can help identify pressure points, recognize areas of growth, and make the changes needed to accommodate that growth. We can also provide energy and sustainability platform management.

Engineering and Technology Services

Depending on building types, a variety of engineering services may also help identify and overcome any obstacles. Equity has a network of reliable specialized professionals in each specific discipline that can provide the expertise required to run a building efficiently.

Examples of engineering services include the following:

  • Proprietary technology services including a CMMS (computerized maintenance management system)
  • Electrical
  • Energy-Based Improvements & Adjustments
  • Plumbing & Septic
  • RHVAC Efficiency & Operation
  • Security Systems
  • Utilities Management

Soft Services

Whereas engineering or upgrades relate to the ‘core’ of a building, Equity can also offer you internal operations services to keep your property successfully operating. Soft services encompass the following:

  • Cleaning
  • Security
  • Landscaping
  • Building Occupancy Services

Property Valuation

Equity Facility Management understand that accurate and reliable real estate valuation and advisory services are critical to the success of every property investment. Equity’s Valuation & Advisory Services division provides independent, fully researched and defendable quality valuations that are compatible with our clients' targeted business outcomes.

Our highly regarded professionals specialize in commercial and residential valuation services, consistently generating high quality, market-leading analysis, property valuations and advisory services in a timely manner.

Our Valuation Services has the resources to help solve any valuation-related real estate and business challenge. Our services range from single asset valuations to the valuation of multi-market, multi-property portfolios.

Property Management

Our Property Management services incorporates best practice and real-time data to improve building operational performance.

Our team of experienced professionals provide a range of services including;

· Traditional property management services,

· Tenancy management,

· Building service engineering and renovation,

· Financial and accounting analysis, and

· Delivery of sustainability best practices,

All measured through customized reports, benchmarking property performance against comparable assets. We are also well experienced at transitioning assets with interrelated modules, specifically coordinated to provide a smooth changeover for the property, tenants and systems.


Equity Facility Management understands that Public Private Partnerships (PPP) are vital to the development of infrastructure in Namibia and across Southern Africa as they allow governments and the private sector to work together and share resources on key projects.


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