Erf.212 Vita Thom Street, Opuwo Namibia

Erf.212 Vita Thom Street, Opuwo Namibia Opuwo Kunene Region Namibia

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Dreams of Africa ...

wide open spaces teeming with wildlife ... pristine rugged landscapes ... tribal people living a peaceful life in tune with their environment and ancient cultural heritage.

What makes us, the brothers John and Gerson Kasaona unique? Why do we claim that the way you will experience the people and the sites of Kaokoveld with us has no match?

Simply because we are Ovahimba ourselves. We did not only grow up in this wilderness that is Kaokoland, with the culture of our people as an integral part of our daily lives, we still live here. And, of course, because we are professional and experienced tour guides who are realising their dreams of preserving our way of living and our natural environment through practising sustainable eco-tourism.

We are some of the lucky few of our community who were afforded opportunities for obtaining formal education while maintaining strong bonds with our ethnic group and cultural heritage. Even today, while providing for our family in very different ways than our ancestors did for theirs, we remain Ovahimba at heart - we are Kaokoveld and love to make every visitor feel at home with us, our people and our land.


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